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Our mission is to teach young ladies and gentlemen the value of inner beauty while enhancing their skills and talents. What we teach goes far beyond how to win – we will become your mentor, friend, and biggest supporter while guiding and preparing you for your big moment on stage.

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the agency open call

It is extremely important that we personally meet with everyone to properly critique and place talent; therefore theAGENCY does not accept any submissions via Facebook or mail in photos.  We only accept walk-ins at open call.

You do not need to RSVP for the open calls.  During this time, you will have an opportunity to audition for theAGENCY, ask questions, tour the studio and meet our professional instructors.  Make sure to bring a headshot with you to place in your file – this will not be returned.  This photo does not have to be shot by a professional photographer.  Once you are accepted into theAGENCY, you will get professional shots done.  If you are under 18 years of age, you must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.  We only audition ages 4 and older; however, we do work with talent under 4 years of age.

What to Bring?

  • ONE non-returnable headshot

  • Parent or guardian if under 18 years of age

What to Expect?

  • Constructive criticism

  • Talent will be asked to walk the runway

  • Cold Read

the agency goals logo

  • Enhance people and interview skills

  • Enhance overall focus

  • Enhance the ability to take initiative

  • Enhance teamwork

  • Enhance people and interview skills

  • Enhance verbal and non-verbal communication

  • Enhance organizational skills

  • Enhance public speaking skills

  • Enhance confidence and self-esteem

  • Enhance the importance of giving back to our community


theAGENCY – Itsy Bitsy’s
Girls and Boys AGES 4-7years
Meets: TBD for 45mins

the itsy bitsy model program

theAGENCY Itsy Bitsy’s will be introduced to the talent industry through activities and games specifically designed to be a catalyst for creativity of these little minds. The itsy bitsy’s are having fun; however, we ensure parents that new skills are being learned. Parents are also taught to reinforce each lesson at home – Yes! We give homework. Each session will focus on a different learning element. Sign up now! We are expecting classes to fill quickly!

theAGENCY – Beginners
Girls and Boys AGES 6-12years
Meets: TBD for 45mins

the agency beginner program model

This is designed to be an introductory course to the exciting world of modeling and acting. Not only will the talent learn modeling and acting strategies, you will also notice a positive change in their self-confidence and people skills. From Improvisation and memory exercises to listening and following direction, this course will teach the talent and parent everything a newbie will need to know. Sign up now! We are expecting classes to fill quickly!

theAGENCY Intermediate
Girls and Boys AGES 12-17 years
Meets: TBD for 60 mins

Classes cover everything from public speaking to photo movement. This curriculum is designed to build off of each students God-given talents, develop their own sense of style and enhance self-confidence. This class is perfect for anyone who is suffering from shyness and low self-esteem. We will also open your eyes to the reality of life in the public eye, and show you the importance of having more than just a pretty face and natural talent. You also have to encompass people skills. theAGENCY teaches our talent that you have to be well-rounded. Sign up now! We are expecting classes to fill quickly!

theAGENCY Advanced
Females and Males AGES 7-17years
Meets: TBD for 60mins

the agency advanced program model

theAGENCY It’s Show Time! This fast-paced curriculum is designed to take your skills to the next level. Classes will assist models and actors with audition techniques & education that will improve their chances of receiving callbacks and bookings. This advanced program will give you a deeper look at the audition process. This class is for talent that has already completed the beginner and/or intermediate curriculum.

theAGENCY 9-5
Females and Males AGES 18+
Meets: TBD for 60mins

9 to 5 model program

The 9 to 5 curriculum is designed for those who would like to have a career in the industry yet find themselves working a 9 to 5. theAGENCY wants to help you enhance your skills! This intimate program is for all skill levels with a focus on individual audition strategies, voice and body control, script reading, runway, and photo movement.

theAGENCY Runway & Photography
Females and Males AGES 14 and up
Meets: TBD for 45 mins

This fast-paced course is strictly focused on high fashion choreography – with an extensive focus on the talents skills on the runway. By the end of this class, your catwalk skills will be on a whole new level. This curriculum will also focus highly on photo movement. Offering choreography to the latest jams, critiques and random videography – you will get to see exactly how you look on camera.